Let me help you get your next chapter started!

Isn’t it time to wake up and get excited about the day ahead?

Who do I work with?

If you’re in your middle years working a job where you see the glass ceiling or you’re in a job that’s not particularly filling your cup — and you want to make a change, you’re committed to reading, reflecting and doing the necessary work — then you’re in the right place.

How do I help?

I don’t have the answers for your life. But I can help you ask the questions and uncover those answers that will move you forward.  I’ve been on that journey.

With a wealth of life & work experience, training as a life coach, customized reading framework and an ability to ask probing, thought-provoking questions I can help you reframe, re-energize and recreate your life.

What does working together look like?

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Are you ready to use your reading time more productively? Choose your books more wisely?  Are you ready to get the most wisdom off the page and use books to improve your life?

We’ve got you covered!

We believe books are the most economical, easily available, most abundant source for new ideas, knowledge and coaching.   Books provide the best conversations with the greatest minds from yesterday and today.   It’s time you tapped into this infinite coaching resource!

Utilizing our unique READ Method, our ebooks & courses will help you embark on a self-coaching strategy that will begin to move you toward some better living. It’s a great way to begin your journey toward a more fulfilling life.

Begin the journey toward your next chapter today by getting one of our e-books and signing up for one of our courses.

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Salon Littéraire Mastermind +

Are you ready to go all in and change your life?  Are you ready to leverage the full power of books,  a like minded community that provides new ideas and gentle accountability plus individual coaching sessions focused exclusively on you?

Are ready for this special program to help you move toward your next chapter?   Are you ready to make 2018 a year for your new chapter?  If  your answer is yes,  then join Salon Litteraire Mastermind+ and harness the power of books, support from a community and the power within you to make 2018 your year.

Utilizing the work of Mastermind and Business Strategy Coach, Liz Scully, each quarter our mastermind group will provide you with renewed energy for your life journey with individual, group and self coaching methods.  We’ll utilize great wisdom from old & new books, a like-minded mastermind community plus individual coaching sessions — all focused on moving you into your next chapter.

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Are you looking for a more personalized coaching experience with an exclusive reading list tailored just for you?  Are you looking to make every page count as you move into a new life chapter? 

Then join me as we tailor a customized program just for you.  As a member of the Institute of Coaching and a veteran of many coaching sessions, I’m here to maximize your one-on-one coaching sessions and customize a self-coaching plan with books that will keep you excited, engaged and moving forward between our Zoom calls.  It’s a unique program of one-on-one sessions with a customized self-coaching with books program.

If you are ready to do the work, let’s craft a personalized plan that will help you get results and move your life toward its next chapter.

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